Port Orford Cedar


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Port Orford Cedar is one of the more popular of the Native hardwoods from the beautiful state of Oregon. It gets its name from the coastal town of Port Orford Oregon.

Port Orford Cedar is a high quality hardwood that is both light weight and incredibly strong, making it an ideal wood for all types of construction applications such as boat building, clothes chests, cabinetry, aircraft plywood,veneer, stringed instruments,arrow shafts,coffins and much more.

Some of the more exotic uses for this High Quality Hardwood over the years have included the Hawaiian Presidential Palace, Japanese Buddhist Temples and timber used in shoring up Minds during the Gold Rush era.

Port Orford Cedar dries easily and quickly and works well with power tools making it an ideal Hardwood for polishing and staining. This makes it simple to imitate mahogany and other higher priced woods and why its used in cabinetry making to keep costs down while maintaining high quality and durability.

With Uniform texture, resistance to warping and decay , and moderate shrinking characteristics, this Oregon Hardwood is an excellent solution for a variety of applications.

Port Orford Cedar is still one of the best values in quality hardwoods and LNL Lumber Outlet of Coos Bay Oregon will strive to get you the bet Prices available on this truly unique Oregon Hardwood.