Oregon Black Walnut


Oregon Black Walnut found its roots in the Willamette Valley in the mid 1800′s where settlers starting planting the tree for its timber and its nuts as a food source.

There are many beautiful old growth specimens from this time period and newer trees are being planted as well along the Oregon River valleys.

Black Walnut is a dark colored Hardwood that has a beautiful sheen and is incredibly durable making it an ideal choice for flooring and cabinets.

The drying process used with Black Walnut is very important in determining the color set. Black Walnut that is kiln dried tends to take on a darker richer hue than lumber that is air dried. Air dried Walnut tends to take on a more purple hue and is generally less expensive than kiln dried wood.

Not only is Oregon Black Walnut durable, its also aesthetically pleasing, making it an ideal choice for cabinet makers, gun makers and its widely used in making guitars and other stringed instruments, giving the instruments a deep bass sound and a sweet treble.

Black Walnut is considered a New World Walnut and is widely used in construction projects for offices, educational institutions, restaurants as well as fine furniture, musical instruments, wall paneling, decorative trim and flooring.

Black Walnut is also know as Claro Walnut, Oregon Black Walnut, and Western Walnut. So give us a call today at 1-541-269-7071 , and let us fill your order , we are your online Hardwood Superstore and we can ship anywhere in the world direct to your location !