Oregon Ash


Oregon Ash is a deciduous Hardwood tree that grows in all types of environments through out Washington State and Oregon although it’s predominate in the southwestern portion of the Pacific northwest , which is how it became know as Oregon Ash.

As far as its uses as lumber and as a building material it well suited for tool handles, furniture building, and veneer. Because of its high strength Ash makes an excellent choice for Exercise equipment and upholstered furniture as well.

Oregon Ash has intermediate properties between White Ash and Black Ash. Oregon Ash Hardwood is generally straight grained and shrinks moderately, but holds it’s shape well and can be kiln dried rapidly.

This American Hardwood is quite hard, stiff, high in shock resistance, and wears smooth with use. Oregon Ash machines well and is better than average for screw and nail holding and works well with glues. Oregon Ash is most comparable in strength to White Ash.

Other prominent uses of White Ash or Oregon Ash include Hardwood Dimension and flooring, Mill work, athletic goods and tool handles.