Myrtlewood is one of the rarest Hardwoods to be found in the Pacific Northwest.

Myrtlewood is an incredibly dense wood that is used in all kinds of applications from musical instruments to Hardwood Flooring.

Myrtlewood trees take centuries to reach full maturity which is why this hardwood is so rare and difficult to grow commercially. The few remaining groves of Myrtlewood are mostly found near rivers and the coastal regions of Southwest Oregon.

Here at LNL Lumber Outlet we keep a good inventory on Myrtlewood for those special projects, where you want the quality and distinctive appearance that only Myrtlewood offers.

We carry Myrtlewood lumber at our Outlet in various board sizes to fit your project. Myrtlewood Timber and Myrtlewood products will last for generations to come and each project will reflect the rich heritage that the Myrtlewood Tree Stands for.

Myrtlewood exhibits an extremely wide variety of shades and colors , and like snow flakes , no two Myrtlewood trees will ever be the same. From Blonde colors that are found in Maple woods to the dark browns found in Walnut, it’s also common to find many colors in one log giving it a beautiful marbled look .

Myrtlewood has many faces from big ribbons to tight fiddleback , and it goes by many names locally here on the Southern Oregon coast such as Oregon Bay Laurel , or California Pepper Wood.

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