Port Orford Cedar


If your looking for Port Orford Cedar , then you have come to the right place. LNL Lumber is your Hardwood Superstore and we carry a wide variety of Hardwoods for all of your projects.

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Myrtlewood is one of the rarest Hardwoods to be found in the Pacific Northwest.

Myrtlewood is an incredibly dense wood that is used in all kinds of applications from musical instruments to Hardwood Flooring.

Myrtlewood trees take centuries to Continue reading


Oregon Ash


Oregon Ash is a deciduous Hardwood tree that grows in all types of environments through out Washington State and Oregon although it’s predominate in the southwestern portion of the Pacific northwest , which is how it became know as Continue reading


Oregon Black Walnut


Oregon Black Walnut found its roots in the Willamette Valley in the mid 1800′s where settlers starting planting the tree for its timber and its nuts as a food source.

There are many beautiful old growth specimens from this Continue reading


Oregon Maple


Oregon Maple is also called Big Leafed Maple or Broad Leafed Maple because of its characteristically large broad leafs.

Oregon Maple is one of the few commercial hardwood trees in the Northwest.

Compared to its conifer counterparts its a Continue reading